Get Involved

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How You Can Volunteer

  • Be a bus monitor
  • Be a classroom helper
  • Be a kitchen helper
  • As a parent, work on child goals
  • Attend Policy Council meetings
  • Participate in Center Committees
  • Help with recruitment
  • Be a building maintenance helper
  • Clean inside or outside at our centers
  • Paint classrooms at our centers

Head Start Needs Your Help!

As a parent or community member, YOU can give back to the program in these ways:

  • Working on your child's goals
  • Assisting in a classroom
  • Assisting in the kitchen
  • Monitoring children being transported by bus
  • Participating on the Policy Council and/or Health Advisory Committees
  • Building, cleaning, painting or repairing at any Head Start facility
  • Donating classroom supplies or anything used in the center, including children's clothing

Just about any time, money, or energy spent volunteering helps!


What is In-Kind?

Head Start’s federal funding source requires that we generate 20% of our general operating budget from locally donated time, services or supplies. These donations of time, supplies, and services are called “In-Kind” contributions. As a program, we must meet our in-kind contributions requirement, which amounts to approximately $2,094,015 per year!  It’s essential that Head Start parents and community members participate as full partners in the operation of the program.  If the grantee agency fails to obtain and document the required 20% of In-kind funds, a disallowance of federal funds may occur.